About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Be the vanguard in leveraging the optimum technology solutions to empower the small and medium enterprises that shall further benefit the social mankind.

  • Evaluation of emerging technologies and their impact on dynamic business environment through continuous monitoring and research.
  • Attract best of the breed human capital.
  • Customer-centric policy initiatives with integrated processes and proven quality systems.
  • Accomplish the corporate social responsibility through its innovative offerings.

Maverick Solutions is a new generation solutions company that understands business and bottom line. We conceptualize, define, design and deliver customer-centric business solutions that help global SMEs to compete in the era of Globalization. Irrespective of your business domain, our suite of products and services shall be premeditated to assist companies improve their competitiveness by analyzing and creating winning practices, these practices are then transformed into a working process by using the latest technologies and competencies in delivering the ICT solutions.

Our teams share a set of values that govern the employment milieu and aims to maintain a level of efficiency and client contentment that will realize our mission to establish incessant business relationship with our clients.

Maverick Solutions has invested in developing an infrastructure that provides the congenial work environment for our teams to exceed client expectations and reduce risks for our clients. The state-of-the-art development facility has the very latest software development tools, hardware infrastructure and leased line connectivity to help us deliver world-class services.

Why Us?

Our Approach

A key competitive advantage of ours is the 'hand in hand' delivery approach that we have carefully developed and practiced over many man months. It is a detailed and regimented procedure, but serves to highlight our advantages in the marketplace.

People Approach

Maverick Solutions understand the contribution of human capital in its success and thus handpick the resources with right blend of managerial and technical skills. Our SBU heads are expert task-managers and are equipped with outstanding client-interaction skills to accomplish the set business objectives. Our people enjoy doing stimulating assignments that challenges our grey matter to find and implement solutions to our client's problems. Our team gets immense strength from the vision and guidance of our visionary founder director and from other members of the board who are highly qualified and experienced from diversified fields.

Delivery Approach

At Maverick Solutions, the core of our delivery process is built on the following guiding principles

  • Work towards a shared vision
  • Empowering the team members with continued professional development
  • Establish clear accountability and shared responsibility
  • Team collaboration to foster new ideas
  • Be agile and ready to accept the change
  • Learn from all experiences

Some Statistics

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